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Preaching and Practicing a Risky Gospel: My Experience at the Women In Ministry Conference

Header - Post - Five Fold MinistryTwo weeks ago, I attended the Women In Ministry Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  The theme of the conference was The Non-Negotiables of the Christian Faith:  Preaching and Practicing a Risky Gospel.  The conference is convened by Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Hale, along with six co-conveners:  Rev. Dr. Jo Ann Browning, Rev. Dr. Claudette A. Copeland, Rev. Dr. Elaine M. Flake, Rev. Dr. Jessica K. Ingram, Rev. Dr. Carolyn D. Showell and Rev. Dr. Gina M. Stewart. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you saw my photos.  wim_savethedate2013bI had a FANTASTIC time.  The conference was much-needed food for my soul.  The teaching, preaching, meeting and greeting were just what I needed.  I am planning to order the complete set of DVDs.  There is too much to write in this post, but here’s a short recap of the fabulousness.


WIM2013 - Me and Rev. Hale

Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Hale and Me

After a short flight and quick check-in at the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel, I went to the fitness center.  Making exercise my first activity is an accomplishment for me.  When I reviewed the itinerary before I left home, I made a point of scheduling exercise time.  I also exercised on Tuesday afternoon.   Despite being an introvert, I met several women during the welcome reception and participated in some engaging discussions about ministry.   After the welcome reception, we enjoyed a jazz concert featuring Gospel Jazz Artist, Antonio Allen.  There is nothing like LIVE music.  What a wonderful way to begin the conference.



  •  Plenary IV ~ Interior Disciplines of the Faith with Rev. Dr. Jessica K. Ingram.  Now, I want to revisit the writings of Howard Thurman.  Amazon, here I come.
  • Plenary V ~ Consequences of Preaching a Risky Gospel with Co-Pastor Susie Owens.  We were encouraged to “Fight With Something” from 1 Samuel 17.  Co-Pastor Owens wreaked.the.place.  No words.
  • WIM2013 - Sex Trafficking PanelPlenary VI ~ Social Justice Presentation on Human Trafficking.  This was a powerful panel discussion on commercial sexual exploitation of children.  Ministers in the suburbs and the cities need to educate our congregations about this important issue.
  • Worship ~ Co-Pastor Susie Owens, “The Lord Doesn’t Handle Everything Right Away” from Luke 18:1-8.  My favorite point:  “Know that God is on your side, even when there is an apparent delay.”


  •  Impartation Service ~ Rev. Dr. Gina M. Stewart, “Don’t Be Afraid of Their Faces” from Jeremiah 1:1-8.  We left Atlanta refreshed, renewed, courageous and confident.

I am so grateful that God blessed me with the opportunity to attend this wonderful conference.  No words.  Be blessed.  Remain encouraged.

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