A few things to do with your kids in Nashville this summer

Hike the woodland trails at Radnor Lake State Park, which are loaded with reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds. On our most recent visit, we spotted lizards, turtles, turkeys, deer, geese, hawks and some warblers. We love the Lake Trail, a 1.3-mile level trail that goes the distance around Radnor Lake with the best marine battery. Canoe floats led by an officer are offered a few times each week during summer, around nightfall or dawn. Children ages 10 and up can go to. Also be sure to check out the park’s aviary for prey birds-It incorporates a 550-foot footpath and aviary complex and houses four non-flighted raptors and one non-flighted American Bald Eagle.

Take an underground boat ride in the Lost River Cave. We struck this one off our family’s bucket list last summer and so I can comfortably recommend it! With a distance of about 75 minutes from Nashville, Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky is unquestionably justified regardless of the distance and makes for a fun-filled day trip. The best trolling motor battery for boat, so it’s ideal for limited attention spans and you’ll also take a guided tour through the wonderful woods outside, where there is a butterfly house and a strange blue hole. The Lost River Cave additionally has the most outstanding gift shops I’ve ever gone by, so be sure to keep your credit card close!

Join the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program and get free books for your children. Its soooo simple: Download the Summer Reading bundle, fill it out (this year, your children need to complete and record eight books), and take it to Barnes and Noble before 3rd September to exchange it in for your FREE book! There is a unique segment of books to browse through, yet there are some great ones accessible and children are welcome to pick their free book from any level of reading. We do this every summer and it makes for an awesome FREE treat on a sweltering summer day. Books-a-Million also has a similar reading program for children. Read four books from its summer reading list, round out the reader journal, and trade it in for a cool Mo Willems pencil and pencil case.

Visit a cedar glade, one of the world’s rarest biological communities. Believe it or not, Middle Tennessee is home to a biological community that cannot be found anyplace else on the planet. It’s known as a limestone cedar dale and a lot of them are overseen and protected by the state in Murfreesboro and Lebanon. Cedar meadows are home to many amazingly uncommon flowers and plants, including the Tennessee Coneflower, which was thought to have all died away until a Vanderbilt biologist re-discovered them in 1968.

Take the children to the downtown library Tuesday or Wednesday for the best deep cycle marine battery. There’s a reason their library’s kids’ projects have the best attendance in the country– Nashville Moms never miss the Weekly storytimes. They are made up of stories, jugglings, songs and puppets, and it is absolutely free! On Friday and Saturday mornings, visit the downtown library for a free weekly marionette show that features puppets from Tichenor’s collection. Endeavor to park at the library parking deck and get your parking ticket approved in the library lobby so you don’t spend much on tickets.

Enjoy tea at High Garden. Give your kids an awesome treat by taking them to this unusual East Nashville ea room and apothecary, which resembles a location from British author J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter or English author and scholar J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. If you’re having trouble deciding on what to order, the staff will gladly help you out.

Best Guide on How to Clean Vinyl Floors

A stylish vinyl floor will always lift your home décor by adding grand to your with its attractiveness and shine. Moreover, it is affordable and the kind you won’t struggle to install. You can do it yourself without seeking professional help.

As easy as it is to install it is so in cleaning and maintaining it. It does not require much of your time and activity to maintain its shine. But, there are some things you must adhere to keep it durable and still looking good and new.

Follow the conversation to find out what are these.

Cleaning and Maintaining Vinyl Floor

By following these simple instructions in cleaning and maintaining your vinyl floor, as mentioned, you will extend its life. Besides that, you will enjoy having a good looking floor and a clean home. Keep right here to unveil what you need to know on this list.

 #1 – Doormat

Putting a doormat at the entrance is the core of having a protected and a clean vinyl floor. Imagine the kind of trash that comes into the house on shoes worn by anyone entering the house. With a doormat, most of the dirt will be left at the entrance when one wipes them on it.

Maintain your clean vinyl floor by having at least two mats, one at the door and another one inside the house. You will prevent grit and other dirt from dirtying and scratching your vinyl floor.

You may need to add a few rugs here and there and especially on a high traffic area to protect your floor.

#2 – Vacuum or Sweeping

Regular vacuum cleaning your floor is essential in maintaining and keeping it clean. Don’t use just any vacuum cleaner. Go for the best for the vinyl floor vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging it. Some vacuum cleaners are for multiple floors, and thus you have to remember to get the right settings when using one as such.

Using the wrong vacuum cleaner such as a beater bar will not only do a shoddy job but will ruin your floor by scratching it.

#3 – Mop Cleaning

Once in a while, you will need to mop your floor to make it shine by washing out dust that a vacuum cleaner or your sweeping cannot remove. Left behind dust is the cause of a dull-looking vinyl floor. Restore its shine by mopping it.

However, not every mop will work on a vinyl floor. Use microfiber mop or pad that you can squeeze out the water to leave it damp. Using a wet mop or cloth can loosen adhesive, or glue that bond it down and curl the corners or edges.

Use the right cleaning solutions for floors such as vinyl or laminate. Some of the cleaning solutions in the market may contain bleach which can damage it.

Make sure to have more than one mop to change once one gets dirt and also to use for rinsing to avoid leaving streaks.

But, before you begin mopping, vacuum clean or sweep to make sure the floor is free of any sand or grit which can scratch it. After all, it will be much easier to mop it free from debris and dirt.

#4 – Cleaning Stains

The secret in cleaning a stain is dealing with it immediately a spill accident happens before it sets in. Remember the rule of thumb in cleaning a stain is to clean from outside to the inside of it to avoid spreading it to other areas. Use the right stain remover for the vinyl floor to prevent ruining it.


There are only four things to observe but very crucial in maintaining a clean and shiny vinyl. Try them out. You can never fail to get excellent results you most desire without using much of your time or effort.

Source: https://www.irvingsplumbing.com/

To shut off or not to shut off, that is the question…

As a follow-up to our last post, looks like the FAA is going to take the lead on updating the rules with respect to the use of electronic devices in-flight.

Being as thorough as they are, they plan to bring together manufacturers, consumer electronic associations, aircraft and avionic manufacturers, airlines, pilots, flight attendants and passengers, but, and this is a BIG but, they have yet to secure funding for the project. 

CarryingOn therefore expects we’ll get a definitive ruling at some point in 2018, or a full year after Mariano Rivera is enshrined unanimously on the first ballot to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Actually, I’m thinking Mo will be introducing Derek Jeter to the Hall in 2019 before you’ll know for sure if you can turn on your iPad and watch the induction ceremony from 35,000 feet.

Share a bit more of my electrical system

I bought a 300W boat solar kit (3x bendable 100W monocrystalline panels and accessories) from @renogysolar, and upgraded the charge controller to an MPPT charge controller also from Renogy. I got 2 group 31 AGM batteries (wired in parallel for 210Ah) from @westmarineinc along with most of the wiring, fuse panels, circuit breakers, and shore power charger (have not had to hook up to shore power since the initial charge!). Picked up other miscellaneous supplies from Home Depot (the circuit housing in between the batteries, housing the fuse panels, busbars, etc.), Amazon (some inline fuses for each solar panel, and other miscellaneous things it was hard to find elsewhere), Fry’s Electronics (the 400W pure sine wave inverter–total overkill for my needs, as I haven’t even hit 70W real use through it, but that’s the idea), Camping World, and Autozone (tiny ins and outs like 2 separate 12V ports).


Everything is fused multiple times (plus 4 major circuit breakers–one on each battery, one at the connection of the positives from each battery, and another before the primary fuse panel), and the vast majority of everything is oversized for the load I ever put on it. Not shown, also is a NASA marine BM-1 battery monitor and (previously pictured) the monitor connected to the charge controller. More than meets all my needs! The solar panels are tied to the roof of the car when I’m stationary (still perfecting technique, but have used bungie cords and paracord, both to varying degrees so far), and then easily stack and slide in on top of all of my stuff in the trunk space when I move. I’ve considered a more permanent solution, but have held off so far. Came in around $3k total, doing the wiring and setup myself. A few bits need to be redone already, but I patched them up to a safe degree for now (nothing dangerous, but if I yank real hard at the right spots, I could break a couple of connections). Maybe fix it more this weekend.



How To Choose The Best Sliding Nailers?

Are you looking for the best sliding nailers but struggling to know what to do? You are not alone because there are so many people in the same situation.

Not everyone has the knowledge and experience about sliding nailers, so people may have trouble choosing.

We have compiled a number of factors that you should consider before investing in the best sliding nailers.

Take some time because this investment will help you avoid the wrong investment.

#1 How long is the nail?

The first factor that you should consider is the length of the nail. The length of the nail must suit different roofing requirements. Therefore, this factor is very important.

And sliding nailers will allow a range of nail lengths. The larger this range, the more flexible and better it works.

If you do not have much knowledge about it, do not be afraid to ask for help from the seller to advise the length of the nail to suit the roofing requirements.

#2 What is the air pressure range?

These sliding nailers work with compressed air (pressure air), so you also need to pay attention to the air pressure of the air compressor they connect.

You should choose machines with large air pressure range to be able to operate in the most efficient and flexible manner.

Such devices can often work with low pressure. Whereas machines with a low air pressure range are not as flexible as they are.

#3 What is the capacity of the device?

You should choose the nailer has a flexible capacity, allowing you to install multiple nails without having to reload.

This is a decisive factor as well as the performance of the product. Repeated nail reloads will affect the life of the product and reduce productivity.