Best Instant Pot Recipes

The versatility of the Instant Pot means you’ll never run out of meals to cook. Not only is it a slow cooker and a pressure cooker, but it also makes rice, bakes cakes, steams veggies, and lots more. Let’s take a look at some quick and easy recipes you can enjoy for dinner this week.

Indian Curry with Chicken, ready in 30 minutes

The official Instant Pot recipes collection includes a tasty gem that’s ready to eat in half an hour. It’s called Mom’s Chicken Curry. It uses the sauté and pressure cooking features. And it’s easy to make because there’s not a lot of prep needed when you consider that this is a traditional Indian dish.

To begin, you’ll need chicken breast as well as a number of spices. Unless you regularly cook Indian food, you’ll need to visit the store for some of these ingredients like black cardamom and garam masala.

Once you’ve chopped the chicken and vegetables, you’ll use the sauté function for about ten minutes, gradually adding items to the pan and stirring. Then you’ll switch to pressure cooking mode for five minutes, and you’re done.

Simple rice, ready in 15 minutes

To accompany your Indian Curry, make a pot of plain white rice. While the actual cook time is only five minutes, you’ll need to let it sit for ten minutes more. This recipe uses the pressure cooking feature to make perfectly fluffy rice with almost no effort. Then you can set it aside in a covered bowl in a warm oven until your curry is ready.

Pot roast, ready in an hour

Mini - Mississippi Pot Roast

We found a keto diet recipe that’s a keeper. It’s the Mini Mississippi Pot Roast slow cooker recipe that only takes an hour with the pressure cooking function on the Instant Pot. It’s a mouth-watering combination of dry ranch dressing and au jus mixes with pepperoncinis and chuck roast.

First, you’ll want to sauté the meat for a few minutes. Then it’s time to seal the lid and select the “Meat/Stew” button. Now let it cook for forty-five minutes, then natural release for twenty more. It will smell so delicious that waiting will be difficult.

To go the extra mile, make a gravy from the leftover liquid in the pot. You’ll want to sauté it with a little water and cornstarch until the mixture thickens. Then drizzle that over the roast and garnish with fresh parsley and more pepperoncinis.

Paleo BBQ Chicken Drumsticks, ready in 30 minutes

Here’s another Instant Pot recipe for chicken, this time for the Paleo diet. Preparation only takes five minutes. Then cooking time is twenty minutes in the Instant Pot and five minutes in the oven. This last part is using the oven to broil the chicken and crisp the skin.

The spices are all typical ones that most households have on hand. And all you’ll need to do is coat the drumsticks with them once they finish cooking in the Instant Pot. It’s a perfect recipe for when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to run to the store for extra ingredients.

Side dish for the Paleo diet, ready in 15 minutes

While you brown the BBQ chicken drumsticks in the broiler, cook the Spicy Cauliflower and Citrus Salad for a satisfying side dish. You can take advantage of the time the chicken pressure cooks to prepare the salad components. Then once the Instant Pot is free, use it to steam the cauliflower and broccoli while the chicken finishes.

Vegan Red Lentil Chili, ready in 30 minutes

This chili is exceptionally easy to make especially if you have a blender. To begin, all you need to do is blend the main ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, and garlic. Then add the spices and pressure cook in the Instant Pot for ten minutes. Once it’s done, just let it naturally release and enjoy.

Please the kids with Mac n’ Cheese, ready in less than 15 minutes

We know that adults love macaroni and cheese, too. It’s a pleasing side dish for a variety of meals. This recipe is very simple, but it comes from Coco Morante who manages the Instant Pot recipes page on Facebook. You can trust that it will turn out just right.

The stimulating flavor of this mac and cheese comes from sour cream, mustard, and cayenne pepper. Those are the final touch you add after the macaroni, broth, and butter finish cooking in the pot. With a prep time of five minutes and a cooking time of only six minutes, this side dish may become one of your favorites.

Low carb Instant Pot dessert, ready in an hour

CocoNutty Salted Chocolate Cheesecake

The CocoNutty Salted Chocolate Cheesecake is best prepared the day before and chilled in the fridge overnight. It’s an unforgettable treat appropriate for Paleo, Keto, and Low Carb diets. And it will take about twenty minutes to prepare and forty minutes to bake.

While the recipe looks rather complicated on paper, it’s only a matter of following the clearly explained steps. Note that you’ll need to use a double boiler to melt chocolate. And you’ll also want the springform pan for cooking inside the Instant Pot. But this dessert makes enough servings to delight a table full of guests.

There are many tried and true Instant Pot recipes for chicken, beef, side dishes, and all kinds of cuisine. You can also find recipes based on your diet interest, whether it’s Paleo, Keto, Celiac, or something else. Go ahead and taste something new this week.

Best Instant Pot Accessories

If you’re excited about cooking with your Instant Pot, why not splurge on a few accessories? The Instant Pot itself is inexpensive for such a revolutionary appliance. And the many extras you can get for it are economical, too, for the value they offer.

Genuine Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid

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This is the genuine tempered glass lid designed for the three, six, and eight-quart versions of the Instant Pot. You can wash it in the dishwasher and put it in the oven at up to 428F. And it’s the ideal companion for using the Sauté, Slow Cook, and Keep Warm functions. Since it’s transparent, you can keep an eye on your food without needing the bulky Instant Pot lid.

Genuine Instant Pot Silicone Lid

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The silicone lid makes a tight seal on the rim of the stainless steel inner pot. The seal prevents spills and spoilage as it is watertight, spill-resistant, and airtight. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe and free of BPA. If you want to store your leftovers in the fridge, the genuine Instant Pot silicone lid is the easy way to do it. And it comes in a selection of sizes to suit the 3, 6, and 8-quart cookers.

Genuine Instant Pot Silicone Steamer Set

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Also made of good-grade, and BPA-free silicone is the Steamer Set from Instant Pot. This is the steamer basket that will never rust nor burn your fingers. It stacks two high inside the six and eight-quart pots. And it’s also non-stick for rapid cleaning.

The Original Salbree 6qt Instant Pot Steamer Basket Accessories, Stainless Steel Strainer and Insert

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Salbree’s steamer basket and accessories are a popular purchase online. Not only is it compatible with Instant Pot, but it also fits inside the Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker, too.

The food-grade stainless steel is dishwasher-safe, and the handle supports up to 20 pounds. Should you discover a problem with this set, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Genuine Instant Pot Stainless Steel Inner Cooking Pot

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When you have an additional steel inner cooking pot, you can manage multiple dishes more easily. The pot has no coating on it—it’s pure food-grade stainless steel with a polished surface and a three-ply bottom. Plus, there are markings on the inside at ½ and 2/3 for safety while pressure-cooking.

Genuine Instant Pot Ceramic Non-Stick Interior Coated Inner Cooking Pot

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If you like to cook rice or pasta, try this ceramic-coated non-stick inner pot. The coating is food-safe material that’s free of Teflon, PTFE and PFOA plastic. The pot can handle cooking in the oven up to 680F. And it’s dishwasher-safe, too.

You can buy the ceramic inner pot to fit three, six, and eight-quart Instant Pots. Then find out how much time you save by swapping this accessory in and out while you prepare a second food item in another pot.

Instant Pot Silicone Starter Set

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Instead of collecting accessories piecemeal, purchase the Silicone Starter Set. You’ll get three essential items that make cooking easier with the Instant Pot. The first piece is a pair of mini mitts for grasping the hot inner pot safely.

The next is a trivet mat that protects your table from the hot food. It also serves as a convenient jar opener or a no-mess place to lay your mixing spoon.

And the final item is a suction lid that seals the six and eight-quart pots for quick storage in the refrigerator. With these three tools, you’ll find that it’s easier to enjoy cooking with the Instant Pot.

Genuine Instant Pot Sealing Ring 2-Pack

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You might wonder why you’d want the two-pack of sealing rings. It’s because Instant Pot recommends replacing them every twelve to eighteen months for safety while using the pressure cooker. And if you cook a lot of fragrant or oily food, you might prefer to change them more often.

2 Pack Silicone Egg Bites Mold for Instant Pot

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This food-grade silicone mold is handy for cooking hard-boiled eggs or baked goodies in your Instant Pot. Not only is is safe for use inside a multicooker, but it’s also okay to put in the freezer, fridge, and microwave.

Genuine Instant Pot Yogurt Maker Cups

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You know you want to try making yogurt in your Instant Pot. Then get these inexpensive yogurt cups that withstand pressure steaming for sterilization. All five cups and their rack are made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic that is safe for the freezer and the dishwasher, too. Even if you decide homemade yogurt’s not your thing, you can use the cups for many other purposes.

It’s easy to explore new uses of your Instant Pot with a handful of accessories. Go ahead, expand your horizons with tools that are perfect for getting the most out of your multicooker.

How to Set Up a Plate Carrier

Firstly, choose a suitable plate carrier for you. It has armor plate that covers your vital organs to protect them while fighting. Try wearing it, adjust the front panel beneath your collarbone 2 fingers. Then adjust back panel at the same level with front one. Do some test, bend your body forward, backward, both sides; take a long breath, swing both arms. If you feel comfortable after all, it’s fitting you.

When you do plate carrier setup, remember 3 rules: access easily, easy to move, minimal as possible.

#1 Minimal as possible

– Bring things you really need. Don’t put every Molle loop on your carrier. That makes you bulkier and hard to move.

#2 Access easily

– The front panel is the place where you can put your pistol and rifle magazines. Put those mags how to when reloading, you can index them easily with Rifle or pistol. Besides that, don’t place anything above mags. At the outermost mags, you could place knife or small fixing kit with.

– On your shoulders, make sure it empty. If not, you’ve got some trouble when bringing your rifle.

– If you have a radio or a PTT. Just put it near your mouth on the non-dominant side.

– Keep the pistol on the belt line on your dominant size.

– You could put the tourniquet pouch in the belt line on the non-dominant side.

#3 Easy to move

Avoid putting anything at the both sizes beneath your armpits. Keep the places empty and slim as possible. So, you could take movements easily while fighting, fixing or practicing.

Don’t put so many things on the front panel, you’ve got some troubles in crouching, prone positions.

You could put IFAK, water, tourniquet pouches or extra magazines on the back panel. It depends on you.

We hope those suggestions above can help you figure out something. Doing plate carrier set up several times, you’ll make the best way for yourself.

Reference survival gear right here.

How to choose the best slow juicer?

Juicer is an essential tool that every home kitchen should have one. It helps you provide the necessary amount of vitamins for the body through fruit juice or vegetable juice.

Currently on the market there are many types of juicer, however slow juicer is always the first choice of experienced people.

The slow juicer may take a long time to produce juice, but the products it produces are of excellent quality. These beneficial enzymes do not break down but can be maintained because the pressing process produces no heat.

To be able to choose a best slow juicer, the things you need to consider have been summarized below:

#1 Design

Slow juicer has two main designs: vertical juicer and horizontal juicer.

The vertical juicer has a neat design, saves storage space and makes it easy to catch the juice produced.

The horizontal juicer isn’t as compact as the vertical one but it’s great for juicing leafy greens. It is also easier for you to clean than the vertical juicer.

Design options depend on your personal preferences. However, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of each type to choose the type that suits you best.

#2 Rotations Per Minute

The slow juicer typically has a spin speed of fewer than 100 rotations per minute, the most common being between 60-80 rotations per minute.

The slower the rotation speed is, the more quality the juice is. The juicer will slowly slice the fruit or vegetables before proceeding to squeeze each drop of nutrition slowly.

However, a vertical juicer with extremely slow rotation speed will work better than a horizontal juicer.

#3 Material

You should choose materials that are durable and easy to clean. A slow juicer made of high quality plastic will be the most reasonable choice.

This material is not too expensive for you to afford and it is not a rare material to find.

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Syratech’s Holiday Workshop now separate unit

Syratech’s decision to spin off its Holiday Workshop Div. from International Silver was based on the division tremendous growth in sales over the last four years. Holiday Workshop produces Christmas and Halloween tabletop merchandise that is marketed through department and specialty stores and catalogs. Although retailers are focused on Holiday Workshop’s 1994 collection, the company introduced its 1995 collection. Holiday Workshop has a showroom at 200 Fifth Avenue in New York City and will show its products at the Feb 1995 Toy Fair.


Although a new member has joined the Syratech family of home furnishings companies–Holiday Workshop–the division was spun off from the existing International Silver and was previously called International Christmas.


Holiday Workshop was growing too fast for the existing sales force to handle them, said Linda Feldman, product development director of Holiday Workshop, on Syratech’s decision to spin off the business.


“International Silver first entered the Christmas business in a small way nearly four years ago,” said Feldman. “Today, 80 percent of the line is designed by us and tooled by us overseas.”


The Holiday Workshop collection, which includes Christmas-and Halloween-related merchandise, is geared toward department and specialty stores and catalogs, although some of the lower-priced items will find a home in the mass merchant channel, Feldman added.


While retailers’ attention is currently focused on Christmas 1994, Holiday Workshop recently introduced its 1995 line. For next season, the company has created collections that feature brighter colors and angels.


Highlights of the 1995 line include Figments of Folklore, featuring figurines and houses done in resin that is textured for a higher perceived value, Feldman said. The Christmas Fantasy resin series also derives its texture from molding. The whimsical line features messages and contains figurines, stocking holders, water globes, molded candles and votives. The Snowlar Bears resin collection, which takes its cue from the popularity of the Coca-Cola polar bears, includes votives, stocking holders, resin pieces, plush figures and a candy bowl.


A full wood collection has also been introduced. It includes figurines, a block set, wall decor, a letter train set and plaques. Again, relief work adds to the texture of the line, Feldman said.


The Christmas Follies line features a number of media. The line includes nutcrackers, crates, play sets, plush, stocking holders, ornaments, collectible resin pieces, water globes, molded candles, ornament photo frames, papier-mache and stockings.


The Heavenly Hannah collection taps into the popularity of angels. The line features wood and resin figurines and plaques, plush and votives.


A full assortment of plush has been introduced, including Santa with whimsical hats, a toy soldier grouping and a Western-style Santa line.


Tea light votives of resin are also available, set in elaborate scenes, including a village and window Christmas scene. Musical carousels, 20 in all, will be sold at key price points in addition to light-up signs.


Two designers have created mixed media Santa collectibles for Holiday Workshop. The highly decorated pieces retail between $75 and $100.


“The category is expected to grow–I think the whole category will go crazy,” said Feldman.


Mixed media angles are also available in 50 SKUs, which include tree top and stand-up table pieces.


Santa and angels with fleece material and porcelain faces make up another collection of mixed-media collectibles. Lastly, Santa, angels and snowmen appear in a collection of “recycled, rag-type” collectibles.


New Halloween merchandise has also been introduced for 1995. Holiday Workshop has focused on two collections: Kookie Spookies, a whimsical line which includes plaques, molded candles, plush, votives, tea lights, wooden pieces and block sets; and Halloween Hallow, a plush line in different materials.
Holiday Workshop has opened permanent showroom at 200 Fifth Avenue in New York. The firm will take part in the Toy Fair in February, and a portion of the full line will be displayed in the Syratech showroom during the New York Tabletop market.