What are the best brands/manufacturers of airtight containers?

Airtight containers are the useful kitchen equipment that you can find everywhere from your local retail stores to online marketplaces. But not all containers are created equally. Airtight containers that come from different brands are typically designed for different purpose.

While they may appear very similar on the surface, they can come with a variety of different features that set them apart from the crowd. But what is the best airtight containers for you? Here are some common and reliable manufacturers will provide high quality airtight containers that may meet your need.

#1 What are the airtight containers that best for long term storage?

If you want to keep your dry food and spices for long term you can either consider large airtight storage containers for bulk food or airtight stainless steel food storage containers. These containers are designed with snap-on lids making it possible for the air and water to enter the storage box. I would like to recommend the airtight container of Vtopmart and OXO Good Grips for long-term food storage.

if you are looking for the best container for storing cereals or grains, you can consider the container of some brands such as OXO, Vtopmart, Komax or Royal airtight food storage container set.

#2 What are best airtight containers for sending food away

If you are looking for the airtight containers that you can give your friend and does not take them back, it is better to go with cheap and lightweight models.

Ziploc are known for producing flexible plastic containers with press-on lids and slightly more durable round containers with screw-on lids. They are usually come in a set with the reasonable price. That means it’s not a big deal if you send one home with a friend and it doesn’t come back.

Glad is also a brand that produce flexible plastic container. These containers are cheap and suitable for gifting cookies or treats.

#3 What are best container for reheat leftover food

There are always sometime that you need a container to store and also reheat leftovers food to work for the next meal. In this case you will need a durable glass container. Pyrex have been known about making glass storage containers in a variety of shapes.  These have snap-on lids and most can be used without the lid in a pre-heated oven.

The downside is that you won’t be able to store them nest and stack them like the plastic containers as they are heavier

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