Omelette Pan vs Frying Pan: What are the differences?

A pan is among the most commonly used cookware in the kitchen. And omelette pan and frying pan are what every on needs in the kitchen. Even though they look very similar, they are designed to perform very different functions and purposes. They come with various different features that have their own unique advantages.

I will show you some differences between an omelet pan and a fry pan so that you know which one to choose for your cooking adventures.

#1 Purpose

The best omelette pan is designed specially for cooking an omelette with higher efficient results than usual. But an omelette pan can do more than this. You can also use it for searing a chicken breast or sauté delicate vegetables or some receipt with soft and light movements.

While a flying pan is mainly using for browning, searing and frying various types of foods. Normally, frying pans will be used with oil or fat.

#2 Diameter

There are the different of diameter between these two pans. Typically, a frying pan has a diameter of 200 to 300 mm. A small omelette pan is normally 8 inches, medium is around 10 inches, and a large omelette pan is normally 12 inches or larger.

However, the bigger the pan the harder it will be to make the perfect omelette though. Frying pans are than larger omelette pans since the frying pan can be used to prepare more food variants and fried large pieces of meats.

#3 Angle Sides

The most noticeable different features about these two pans is the angle sides. To easier flipping omelettes when they are being cooked, an omelette pan angle sides are different while a frying pan has the same angle sides.

#4 Variant

There are some different variants of omelette pan. When it comes to omellette pans, there are usually three major types: the traditional circles pans, the pans with two half-circle compartments which is specialized for making frittatas, and the rectangular pans that are specialized for making Japanese style omelets.

A fry pan does not have two half-circle and rectangular shapes of variant, which is why it is slightly harder to make a French omelet using a fry pan.

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