How to choose the best skillets for glass top stoves?

In this modern time, the appearance of glass top stoves is replacing traditional gas stoves in every kitchen room. With the minimal and subtle design, clean, save space,… It figures that glass top stoves are becoming popular.

If you are a new owner of this subtle glass top, you should know that there are some certain types of skillets design only for these stoves.

One of the most effectively and safely ways to use this stove is buying the best skillets for glass top stoves.

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 #1 Materials

Not all of the skillets are available in the market will compatible with glass top stoves.

Best materials to use with glass top stoves are stainless steel, titan, carbon steel and anodized aluminium. They are durability and stability, great at heat conduction and distribution.

On the other hand, cast iron, ceramic, glass, porcelain enamel skillets are not recommended.

Cast iron and ceramic skillets may scratch the glass surface and also a poor conductor. While glass and porcelain enamel will tend to be melt and fuse when contact with high temperatures for a long time.

#2 Design

Ensure that all the cookware you are using is perfectly compatible with glass top stoves.

The most important thing is the flat bottom. A flat bottom can protect your glass top stoves surface from scratch.

The warping bottom will reduce the amount of contact between the skillets and stoves, and also reduce the performance of heat distribution.

#3 Non-Coloured

Coloured skillets when contact with the heat at high temperatures will leave their colour on the cooktop.

That makes the impossible remove of stain if you do not clean in the right way.

#4 Easy to clean

The best skillets for glass top stoves should be non-stick and compatibility with the dishwasher. It will help you easy to clean and save your time of cleaning.

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