How to chooose the best thermometer for candy making?

Making homemade candy at home is always a fun experience that anyone should try once. The delicious candy made by yourself is always the sweetest candy.

However, making your own candy is not easy, requiring you to follow the recipe most accurately. It also requires the most accurate temperature.

That’s why the best thermometer for candy making is always the choice of home cooks.

However, there are many types of thermometer for candy making on the market so you may not easily choose the most suitable one.

To save you time searching, here are some things you should consider before buying:

#1 Digital or manual thermometer

Candy thermometers have two main types: digital thermometers and manual thermometers. Both types of thermometers can read the temperature correctly, but the reading time is different.

Digital thermometers can read temperatures extremely fast, you don’t need to wait to get results from it.

Some digital thermometers have additional functions, such as timers or notifications when reaching a temperature. It usually costs significantly more than a manual thermometer.

The manual thermometer is much cheaper, it doesn’t need to be charged or use batteries to work, so it will save you some money.

However, it takes a bit of patience to wait for this thermometer to read the temperature. It will not be possible for immediate results.

#2 Function

Some candy thermometers can also read the temperature of meat or soup, so you should clearly identify your purpose so that you can choose a functional temperature.

If you want to use candy temperatures for other foods, you should choose a multifunctional one, which may be a bit more expensive but you will not have to invest many times and take up storage space.

If you only want to use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature of the candy, then choose one that only has a function with the candy. This is an economical choice.

#3 Temperature readouts

A good thermometer for candy making must have clear and easy-to-read temperature readouts.

It needs to clearly display the required temperature and indicators, such as temperature units. Some thermometers can also convert temperature units so you can easily read them in your familiar unit.

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