How to Set Up a Plate Carrier

Firstly, choose a suitable plate carrier for you. It has armor plate that covers your vital organs to protect them while fighting. Try wearing it, adjust the front panel beneath your collarbone 2 fingers. Then adjust back panel at the same level with front one. Do some test, bend your body forward, backward, both sides; take a long breath, swing both arms. If you feel comfortable after all, it’s fitting you.

When you do plate carrier setup, remember 3 rules: access easily, easy to move, minimal as possible.

#1 Minimal as possible

– Bring things you really need. Don’t put every Molle loop on your carrier. That makes you bulkier and hard to move.

#2 Access easily

– The front panel is the place where you can put your pistol and rifle magazines. Put those mags how to when reloading, you can index them easily with Rifle or pistol. Besides that, don’t place anything above mags. At the outermost mags, you could place knife or small fixing kit with.

– On your shoulders, make sure it empty. If not, you’ve got some trouble when bringing your rifle.

– If you have a radio or a PTT. Just put it near your mouth on the non-dominant side.

– Keep the pistol on the belt line on your dominant size.

– You could put the tourniquet pouch in the belt line on the non-dominant side.

#3 Easy to move

Avoid putting anything at the both sizes beneath your armpits. Keep the places empty and slim as possible. So, you could take movements easily while fighting, fixing or practicing.

Don’t put so many things on the front panel, you’ve got some troubles in crouching, prone positions.

You could put IFAK, water, tourniquet pouches or extra magazines on the back panel. It depends on you.

We hope those suggestions above can help you figure out something. Doing plate carrier set up several times, you’ll make the best way for yourself.

Reference survival gear right here.

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