Why You Should Try Getting A Dinner Party Catered

A dinner party is a lovely thing. Friends, food, wine, relaxed conversation, and a chance to enjoy the good things in life. Except… you spent the whole day running around the markets trying to find tiger prawns to make that special prawn curry, you forgot to put the wine in the fridge, the candles turn out to be fake vanilla-scented, you burnt the dessert, and the mountain of dishes has completely covered ever surface in the kitchen. Sound familiar? Well, we have a great suggestion: for all the pleasure with none of the stress, it might be time to try getting a dinner party catered.

Catering at home can come in a variety of forms: you may want to get a catering company to bring around a completely prepared meal, or you make want to take the option that’s super trendy in London right now: getting a private chef to create your dinner party for you. Some companies will cook in your own kitchen, while some prefer to bring pre-prepared morsels to you and your friends. If you choose well, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: restaurant quality food and no effort, with all the comfort of your own home and no over-full Tube ride home.

Whatever option suits you, here are some good reasons why catering might be the way to go for your next dinner party.

  1. Relaxing is more fun when you get to actually, you know, relax.

    The idea of a dinner party usually involves a convivial evening of chat and good food and drink. Trouble is, the hosts are usually so stressed and exhausted from getting all the elements ready, that they’re too tired to actually enjoy themselves.
    Are you really going to enjoy the company of your friends and family when you’ve been slaving over a hot stove all day? Will you be able to be the life of the party when you need to check the chicken every ten minutes?
    When you care about your friends, it’s easy to get stressed about making something super tasty and delicious for them. In the process, it’s easy to become someone who is not that fun to be around any more — defeating the whole point of the dinner party! More than enjoy your food, your guests are there to enjoy you — and relaxed you will be the best company.

  2. Gastroenteritis can ruin friendships

    Ever poisoned your friends by accident? It’s pretty much the worst feeling in the world to know that someone you care about is in undercooked chicken vomiting hell, and that you’re to blame. Equally bad is if it’s a new boss or acquaintance you’re trying to impress. Murphy’s law states that even if you always cook great food, something will go wrong when you try and pull out the dinner party special. Take the risk out and get it catered!

  3. No clean up

    Ok, the food is great, the company is excellent… but then the guests go home and you’re faced with the mountain of dishes. No wonder people wait several years before hosting another dinner party! And no wonder numerous media sources have repeatedly announced “The Death of the Dinner Party.” The best way around this dilemma is to enjoy the best side effect of having a party catered: that’s right, they clean up for you. Whether you engage a catering company that whisks the plates away with them, or a private chef who politely polishes the kitchen to spotless state, you can relax with that glass of rosé, knowing that you really do have the night (and the next morning) off.

  4. Keep up with changing food trends

    Our parents may not have faced up to it yet (anyone else’s mother still making flakey puff pastry appetizers and adding canned pineapple to savoury dishes?), but food has changed in leaps and bounds since the heyday of dinner parties in the 80s and 90s. Food is now more global, fresher, more creative, tastier, and more sophisticated than ever before. And nowhere is this more true than in the humming cosmopolitan centre of London, where food cultures and food trends combine at the cutting edge of haute cuisine. That dog-eared Moosewood cookbook isn’t going to cut it when it comes to impressing your friends and colleagues. Unless you’re willing to devote considerable hours to becoming a Masterchef, the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of food is definitely to enjoy a catering company or private chef.

  5. It leaves you free to do what you do best

    Yes, catering may seem expensive at first: but just think of it as freeing you up to do what you do love and earn money from. If you don’t have to devote the rest of the week or weekend to recovering from your hectic dinner party, you’ll be free to earn money in the way that you’re good at — and your chef will get to do the same. Win win!

So if you’ve had a bad dinner party experience, or you’ve seen your friends totally stressed out trying to host a winning occasion, and you’ve thought to yourself “I’m not going to go there — it’s just not worth it!” — think again. Getting a dinner party catered has never been easier, more accessible, more delicious, or more widely accepted. Treat yourself and your friends to delicious bonding over food and drink, minus the headache and stress.

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